If you have been following us since the early days, you will probably know that MYDEERFOX stemmed from wanting to involve the buyer in an interactive and more personal experience with the design by working with alternative construction methods - also that I was trying to avoid sewing for the final-year project of a fashion degree.

Our recent pilot project - a ready-to-assemble station set up as a part of the Creative Common Occupation #3 at the Allpress Gallery Auckland is one of our most exciting milestone yet. We were able to share a glimpse of our dream scenario and present it physically. Having a range of templates in an assortment of colours choices for assembling (production) without constraints of location, machinery and expertise - allowing it to be made anywhere and by anyone - thereby inviting the 'buyer' to be the 'maker' and play a part in the making process. 

While the idea of ready-to-assemble in furniture is not unusual, bringing the similar concept in the context of fashion accessories also looks at bringing the buyer/maker together in a form of social workshop, exploring ideas of how we shop and the fashion production system. Challenging two factors that are determinants of production value.

1. The place of production. A label that has come to define a product's value and the buyer's identity, often stereotyped and confined. So we are asking, what if the assembling process can happen beyond a factory/workroom setting? Opening a possibility where MYDEERFOX can easily travel to different places hosting ready-to-assembles, and invite the local buyers into our dialogue. 

2. Who it is made by. Whilst we value craftsmanship and are working on delivering templates with refined simplicity and finish, what inspire us is that making doesn't have to be exclusive or a 'job' of a certain group of people but rather an interactive opportunity. To connect the buyer with not only a finished product but also the value of the journey, and maybe spark an appreciation and satisfaction in making something with our hands. 


We were very lucky to have Rekindle on board in our last event, a social enterprise which I personally much admire and adhere to in reducing waste via 'design, creativity and craftsmanship'. The trestle table and chairs seen as a part of the set up were transformed beautifully from weatherboards from residential demolition sites. Our own leather templates at the event also looks at sustainability, all being made from off-cut leather we have accumulated from our bag making. We believe that sustainability isn't just about selecting materials, more importantly is how we work with them and what we are make of it.

We are still working slow and steady towards actualizing our complete vision and beliefs in creating our own culture of ready-to-assemble accessories with a lot of great support from everyone. Hope to see you build your own at the next ready-to-assemble!