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Reimagining the handmade. 


By reconsidering the meaning of production and our relationship with consumption, we want to create products that are timeless in design but with a contemporary twist. Through this, we aim to encourage a more social and relatable experience between you and us. 

Each and every product is assembled by us personally through our assembly shop, while we chat, listen to our favourite podcast's or catch up on the latest Netflix shows. We would love for you to check out this process, so feel free to have a sneak peak! (Read more or see the MDF assembles vlog

Our templates are made from leather sourced both locally and internationally, more often in limited quantities where we aim to make the most out of each leather hide so there is minimal waste. Your stories make our story. We believe people are connected in more ways than how society has led us to believe, and there is always room to reshape what is known to us. 

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