In General

Each leather piece has its own natural grain and character, and with wear it picks up new characters developed from its relationship with the owner. Avoid exposing your bag to extreme light and heat, or liquid, as they may leave damages to the leather. For surface dust and marks, clean leather with a damp cloth. If you are wanting to use a leather cream or product on the bag, we suggest it is best to consult a leather professional or the seller before applying.

Natural Vegetable Tanned Leather

This leather when exposed to sunlight and water will develop a patina effect - in simple terms - it will grow into a deeper and richer colour. This is all part of the natural beauty of this naked untreated leather, best for those who appreciate a unique character to the product. 

Coloured Vegetable Tanned Leather

We have been colour treating vegetable tanned leather locally with with a leather specialist. Our colours are developed in the likes of the back of an art room in the good ol' school days, possibly one of our favourite steps in the process. The colours are all sealed and finished off with a light water resistance coat. You do not need to worry about colour transferring, however on light coloured bags, dark jeans or clothing may stain the bag. 


A soft (sometimes pebbly) leather that is super lush to hold. Leather and suede are more delicate, so other than following our general care tips above, be aware that the delicate nature of the material will pick up small wear and tear easier. Light coloured suede may be affected by heavy rain and change in colour and texture, a suede water proofing spray may be used however the result varies, to prolong the original state of the suede best avoid super rainy days!

For further questions or advice, please email us at hello@mydeerfox.com